Proti Insurance Got an Extention

Proti Insurance Got an Extention

PISC postpones discussion on Proti Insurance’s issue, since tomorrow’s Board of Commissioners meeting will not take place due to the planned general strike.  

 So, the subject will be covered in the next PISC meeting. The organization is going through a transitional period, since its powers and responsibilities will be soon transferred to the Bank of Greece.

Proti Insurance is being investigated to assess its solvency position and the suitability of its Chairman, Mr. St. Avgoulea, who according to PISC should not be involved in the company’s management on the ground that he is an ex Board Member of one of the insurance companies that have recently shut down. 

Company’s increase of share capital is considered to be 17.5 million, and according to sources it will be re-calculated using 2009 data.

In any case, the future of Proti Insurance is in the hands of PISC. So is the future of the people insured with the company, who for months are in agony as their company is under fire of the supervisory authority, fact that raises concerns on company’s viability.

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