Aspis: In the final stretch for compensations

Aspis: In the final stretch for compensations

In the final stretch for “Life” and “Loss” compensations from the companies that shut down last September.

Regarding Aspis’s life sector, the relevant law should be first passed, for the clearance supervisor to begin drafting the notices concerning the compensation applications until December 2010, or even later, if there are legal impediments and legal claims, which are perhaps the biggest problem at the moment.

Since early August, however, it is expected that the recording of lists with the names of policyholders who have claims and possibly will take advantage of provisions in the new law will begin. In order to either buy back their contracts or join the Guaranty Fund, so as to promote their contracts to other companies.

As far as the Aspis Pronias’s Losses sector is concerned, a notice came out yesterday that the holders of insurance policies can submit their claims until 05/11/2010 to the Clearance Supervisor, Mr. Vlachogiannis, at the company’s office.  Excepted are beneficiaries of car insurance payments, who should be directed to the Auxiliary.

By notice are also called those claiming compensation from the G.I. Skourtis, excluding motor insurance, to announce their requirements and submit all relevant supporting evidence to the liquidator, Mr. Begioglou, until 08/26/2010.

Click here for the Greek article.

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