450 Million Euro Aspis and Commercial’s Lists

450 Million Euro Aspis and Commercial’s Lists

Over 450 million euros in compensations is estimated that Aspis Pronia and Commercial Value owe to their 250.000 policyholders. PISC posted yesterday in its webpage the codes of their insurance contracts.

Monetary obligations which are estimated to exceed 450 million representing the estimated 250,000 policyholders codes of Aspis PRONOIA and Commercial Value of posting yesterday, the Private Insurance Supervisory Committee’s website.

The relevant data was given to PISC from the Life Porfolio Supervisor of the two companies, Ioanni Pantelidi. The post is made public so the insured can verify that they are indeed included in the respective portfolios. “Respond” deadline is at the end of the year.

According to sources, out of the 250.000 contracts, 200.000 are with Aspis Pronia and the rest 50.000 are with Commercial Value.

Out of the 200,000 contracts of  Aspis,  135 000 are in effect , 56 000 are “free – payment contracts”, while about 5,000 have expired and out of the 50,000 contracts of Commercial Value the vast majority are individual policies.

It’s worth mentioning that out of the 450 million euro owed by the 2 companies, Aspis’s debt is estimated to be 350 million euro while Commercial’s is 100 million euros.

At PISC’s site it is also posted the list with the names of those who have submitted a compensation claim.

Click here for the Greek article.

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