Aspis: New Subpoena for Pavlos Psomiades

Aspis: New Subpoena for Pavlos Psomiades

IRS drew its conclusion concerning the money removal from Aspis Capital, Pavlos Psomiades personal company, which only for the year 2009 amounts to 41.5 million euros.

The decision was sent to Athens’s prosecution, which is expected to issue a subpoena to Mr Psomiades and other company executives.

Meanwhile, SEC has not yet published its report on the Aspis Capital bonds, for which – despite the fact that they were characterized as private placement – it seems that the group’s insurance agents were collecting commissions worth 4.5 million euros.

Additionally, Aspis Capital didn’t have the required capital in order to be entitled to issue such corporate bonds.

At the same time, Swedish authorities, in their letter to Interpol, seek information about Paul Psomiades and two other Commercial Value executives, because they ordered a 40 million euro transfer from the Swedish company Aspis Liv to a Swiss account.

Click here for the Greek article.

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