Petsas Participation on HAIC’s Board Meeting

Petsas Participation on HAIC’s Board Meeting

Along with the former president of PISC, Mr. George Petsas, meets the board of directors of HAIC.

Sources reveal, that the association’s administration asked Mr. Petsas to join yesterday’s board meeting to discuss the vital issues of the insurance market and especially to hear his views on these issues.

The Union, will be thanking Mr. Petsa for his contribution to the insurance market and for their cooperation during the last four years, when Mr. Petsas led the PISC.

On his part, PISC’s former President will identify a range of issues relating to: market supervision, the picture that he has formed regarding the insurance market, the problems that need to be solved by the sector in the coming years, and of course the future prospects that will open up to the insurance industry, when the country comes out of the economic crisis.

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