Article’s 6 “Chosen” Ones are a Well Known Secret

Article’s 6 “Chosen” Ones are a Well Known Secret

For several weeks now, the list of companies placed under the protection of Article 6 is a well known secret of the insurance market

For some companies the difficult economic condition of the market is very unfavorable

It may well be that PISC and the new supervisory authority of the Bank of Greece have not yet given official figures, however, there are information leaks…

The weak links in the market are the “common suspects” , as most of us know

Is it then time to drop the masks?

Meanwhile, there are several outstanding issues that concern the industry

Among those is the transparency bill.

Already, insurers are pushing to also involve Bank of Greece

Union representatives, at a meeting with Provopoulos, questioned Spirakos’ competence to legislate on insurance market issues.

The main concern seems to be based on the increases in health insurance programs

The Bank, however, has already clarified its position. There will be no intervention, from its side, if the issue reaches Parliament

Click here for the Greek article.

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