Vehicles will not be Insured without KTEO card

Vehicles will not be Insured without KTEO card

Vehicle controls by both KTEO and Insurers provides the new Bill on Road Safety. Specifically, vehicles without KTEO card cannot be insured, and vice versa, uninsured vehicles cannot pass KTEO.

As pointed out by the Ministry of Infrastructure, 35-40% of the vehicles on the Greek roads do not go through KTEO inspections.

The new bill reduces the € 400 penalty paid by car owners that have not passed KTEO, provided that the drivers – within 10 days from the day they got the ticket- will present the technical control document. Then they will pay 1/8 of the fine, i.e. 50 euro. At the same time, they should also issue a noise control card for motorcycles and tricycles.

Click here for the Greek article.

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