Aspis Capital: Decision in Two Months

Aspis Capital: Decision in Two Months

On Tuesday, January 4th, the application of restraining orders, filed by 157 insured with Aspis Capital, was discussed. According to the application, the insured demand the freezing of up to 25 million euro of Mr. Pavlos Psomiades assets, as well as his wife’s and daughter’s.

Until the issue of the official court decision, a temporary injunction is in effect and there should be no change in Mr Psomiades and his family’s assets.

It is also known that for the same case, the former strong man of the group Aspis, Paul Psomiades, has been taken into custody for fraud and money laundering.  Moreover, his efforts to be released fell on deaf ears, since a few days ago his appeal against the prosecutor’s decision was rejected.

Click here for the Greek article.

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