No Solution Yet for Aspis

No Solution Yet for Aspis

The list of Aspis Pronia contenders continues to grow even after the end of the deadline given to the insured in order to declare their requirements to the Life Portfolio Supervisor.

The deadline expired at the end of the year and the first data show an additional number of approximately 300 insured who are entitled to compensation from the insurance policies they had in their possession.

According to Portfolio Supervisor, Mr. John Pantelides, the amount of such claims has not yet been identified and will be clarified by the end of the month.

The finalization of the list of is expected to be completed by the end of January, so as to be submitted to the Bank of Greece. The new supervisor authority, after having a precise idea about the amount of the legitimate claims, as well as the amount of the company’s assets, will then initiate the process of finding a “foster” company.

The first contacts made by Mr. Pantelides haven’t brought any specific results, to the extent that the exact amount of the ‘money hole’ left by  Aspis Pronia has not yet been specified.

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