Aspis Pronia Life: Compensations Expected After May

Aspis Pronia Life: Compensations Expected After May

From May and onwards those insured with Aspis Pronia Life will be able to decide whether they will liquidate their in-force insurance policies, or they will claim compensations for medical costs that incurred up until the date Aspis Pronia Life shutdown, according to the time frame set by the recent law concerning insurers.

It is recalled that the deadline for those who didn’t find their names in the original list published on the summer of 2010 and wanted to submit an application so as to be included in that list, ended at the end of 2010.

In case appeals concerning the list follow, the liquidation of the company may be delayed up to 3 to 5 years, depending on the circumstances.

Aspis’s portfolio supervisor, Mr. Pantelidis, is expected to complete by the end of the month the valuation of the company’s assets, which according to recent estimates amounts to 150 million. Additionally, it is expected that Mr. Pantelidis will submit, by the end of the month or begging of February, the portfolios to the Bank of Greece, in order to be included at the Guaranty Life Fund and at the same time inform the supervisory authority.

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